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The Rocks Discovery Museum

A group of children lean onto a display cabinet to view a plant specimen in resin that a guide is holding and describing

Why go there

Three historic sandstone buildings in The Rocks have been restored to become The Rocks Discovery Museum. A large part of the museum is dedicated to the original Aboriginal inhabitants of the area, with many of the artefacts on display recovered at an archaeological dig only a few blocks away.

Kids love the interactive displays and everyone will enjoy the short videos detailing various aspects of life in The Rocks. There is no subtitling on the videos.

Don't miss

  • The mural behind the museum in nearby cobbled Kendall Lane, which depicts several stages in The Rocks development.
  • The interactive displays detailing different eras in The Rocks history.

Interactive displays inside The Rocks Discovery Museum - a cabinet with a sliding drawer containing objects for visitors to touch and examine, and a wall display with artefacts, text, photographs, multimedia screen and audio headset

Access for all

Access Summary

Mobility access

Getting around

Mobility access

The Rocks Discovery Museum is located off Kendall Lane, a narrow, cobbled laneway leading from Argyle Street.

Access over the cobbles in Kendall Lane is rough and bumpy. A more accessible approach is through the Rocks Centre, via the side exit and across Kendall Lane to the museum entry.

Brick ramped exit with tactile warning tiles leading from the Rocks Centre into Kendall Lane

The entry is via a short gentle gradient, but the doorway is narrow (approximately 700 mms).

Narrow entry with a short ramp from Kendall Lane into The Rocks Discovery Museum

Access throughout the museum is simple, with a small ramp connecting two of the warehouses. A lift takes visitors between the two levels (the lift key is held at reception).

Inside the lift at The Rocks Discovery Museum - the lift controls, phone handset and a small handrail are at a suitable height for wheelchair users

The nearest accessible toilet is in the Rocks Centre.

How to get there

Public transport

The Rocks Discovery Museum is a short walk from Circular Quay, which is serviced by ferries, buses and trains.


Download The Rocks access map (PDF, 2.06MB)

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A group of children lean onto a display cabinet to view a plant specimen in resin that a guide is holding and describing

Access Summary

Mobility access

Contact Details

2-8 Kendall Lane,
The Rocks NSW 2000

Phone: + 61 2 9251 8804

TTY: + 61 2 9250 7347


The Rocks Discovery Museum

Opening hours

Open 10am - 5pm daily (except Christmas and Good Friday).



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